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Title: "Level the playing field when resources are tight"
Date: Tuesday, February 13
Time: 2:00pm CDT
Duration: 60 minutes

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Calendar Reminder: Tuesday, February 13 at 2:00 PM CDT

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Resource constraints are a common challenge for community financial institutions. The phrase "we wear a lot of hats" is probably something you have said yourself - smaller financial institutions must operate very lean organizations, requiring individuals to juggle multiple responsibilities.

In order to compete with the billion-dollar budgets of the megabanks, credit unions and community banks have to work smarter and stretch their dollars further. In this webinar, we will share tips to help you maximize existing resources, freeing up time to focus on areas that sometimes get deprioritized, such as innovation and new products and services.

In this webinar Keith Brannan will discuss:

  • How you can find consumers who are more likely to be profitable for your institution.
  • Ways to make the most of the resources you already have, like your frontline staff.
  • Strategies for increasing marketing efficiencies so you have time to focus on other areas of your institution.
About Kasasa

Kasasa is an award-winning financial technology and marketing technology provider. Based in Austin, Texas with 350 employees, Kasasa is committed to driving results for more than 700 community financial institutions by attracting, engaging, and retaining consumers. Kasasa does this through branded retail products, world class marketing, and expert consulting. The company reinvented checking and is now reinventing lending through its latest patent-pending offering, Kasasa Loans™.

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